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Medical, classic and sports massages
For stretching, loosening, relaxing and releasing tension.
Partial body massage: 25 min. = 39 €
Full body massage: 50 min. = 76 €
Classic foot reflexology massage
The feet accommodate the nerve endings of the entire body.
To stimulate or dampen organic processes and relaxation.
ca. 30 min. = 48 €Colon-Massage
A form of massage of the abdominal cavity that has a special effect on the large intestine.
It is mainly used to activate the natural intestinal movement.
25 min. = 39 €

Manual lymphatic drainage
Manual lymphatic drainage is a particularly gentle form of massage,
which stimulates the lymphatic flow by gently pumping and circular movement.
Partial body treatment: 25 min. = 40 €
Full body treatment: 50 min. = 78  €


Vertebral therapy according to Dorn
Vertebral therapy according to Dorn.
Special form of therapy to release vertebral blockages and balance the body statics.
ca. 50 min. = 89 €


Heating/cooling applications
Moor packing = 26 €
Ice treatment = 16 €
UV heat lamps = 16 €


Herbal Stamp Massage
Belongs to the exotic treatments which relaxes body and mind.
30 min. = 48 €


Relax massages with aromatic oils
Classic relaxation massage with a very special essential oil mixture.
Only natural oils are used as the base oil.
30 min. = 48 €55 min. = 85 €


Massage "Torkel"
Pure grape seed oil is especially popular for cellulite treatment and provides a feeling of well-being.
30 min. = 48 €55 min. = 85 €


Face and neck massage
Gentle massages and strokes relax the muscles, tighten the skin and promote skin elasticity.
Helpful for headaches, concentration disorders, overstrained eyes and states of exhaustion.
30 min. = 48 €


Massage "Place and Time"
You haven't decided on an application yet?
No problem – we'll talk about it at the start of the application.
Price according to application type and time


Early scheduling before arrival is recommended for all applications.
All applications subject to availability.
Free cancellation possible up to 24 hours prior to application start.
Prices include 7% or 19% VAT.


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